re/ENCHANTING ROME is a brand that aims at valorizing the cultural and historical heritage of Rome; an urban fabric spread over the city and the area, that produces souvenirs; and, soon after, a virtual museum of roman narratives.

The project was born with the purpose bring Rome back to the ancient enchantment, the imagine of a generous and hidden beauty, that is rooted in our long urban history and that still, sometimes, surfaces in the present roman metropole.   

Re/enchanting Rome focuses on ensuing the intellectual estate of the city, gathers knowledge that is novel, or maybe rarely known, and embroils skilled local handicrafts. The project does not involve direct public subsidies and has both the intent to valorize the imagine of Rome, and to offer quality products for the international market that “flows” through Rome,and, further, to reunite (or form) skilled working competences. The interactive museum serves as a storage to narratives or representations of the city; The urban fabric, on the other side, holds together, in a single brand, objects and stories of the romanity but also handicraft parlours and fablabs, old and new, both in the suburbs of the metropole and in the centre of Rome.



re/ENCHANTING ROME is a distinct and visionary project but also a concrete and ironical one. The future perspective is the creation of an urban and integrated development policy, that ties together, in addition to the strictly speaking business objective of the production and distribution of souvenirs, the below development objectives:

Political/economical objectives

  • Ensue the intellectual estate of the city and re-establish the link between the material product and the city, meant as the culture it is expressed by

  • Attribute abstract value to the material dimension to the results of processes of development

Cultural objective

  • Develop and consolidate the sense of belonging to common cultural tradition

  • Contribute to the promotion of the image of the city, stimulating attraction, interest and knowledge

  • Produce a contemporary image of the cultural roman heritage

Socio-economic objective

  • Augment the urban and territorial industry and generate economic resources destined to valorize the most hidden local handicrafts

  • Spread to an international scale artistic and cultural products of quality, linked to the image of Rome

Etic objective

  • Trigger forms of re-enchantment in the peripheries, starting from the education to beauty  as a common heritage to all



The brand-logo, in line with the objectives of valorization of the urban heritage, it is inspired on the ancient “little palms tree”, stamps used in roman ceramics with black paint. During the III-IV century b.C. the mass exportation of good quality manufacturing objects was starting to gain importance and the “little palm tree” became the symbol of roman manufacture of the ancient world.


The logo was deposited in Italy and in the future it will be replicated and adapted to different cities and territories (Re-enchanting Naples, Re-enchanting Palermo, Re-enchanting Lisbon, Re-enchanting Buenos Aires…).



Re-enchanting Rome at the moment produces and spreads souvenirs. In a near future temporary urban scenographies will also be part of of these objects of re-enchantment.



re/ENCHANTING ROME offers the following services:

  • Aggregation of roman artistic handicraft in a roman brand

  • Experimentation of handicraft labs in the Porte Civiche